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We offer a wide range of exotic leathers for the discerning buyer. These options allow for you to have at your fingertips the highest quality leathers for whatever your lifestyle preferences.

Hair on Calf speaks for itself! Colors available in black, brown and tan.

Giraffe is truly unique!  Good wear characteristics.

Shark Skin has great texture and durability. Colors in black, brown, grey and denim.

Kangaroo is buttery soft with high tensile strength. Colors currently available are black, brown, red, and turquoise. 

Stingray has a uniquely textured bead pattern with a central large pearl in the center of the back. Stingray does not have much give, so do not expect stretch in the leather. Colors available vary.

Lizard gives the exotic feel but at a more affordable price than alligator. This leather has great shine and luster but will require more upkeep to maintain that luster.

Elephant is extremely durable with amazing texture. Colors available are black, brown, grey and tan.

Caiman has a little more texture than alligator and is an excellent choice as a more affordable option to alligator. Available in black and brown.

Ostrich is known for being extremely comfortable and durable. It is the premier leather for custom boots. It comes in a wide variety of colors, including black, brown, tan, red, burgundy, dark and light blue and more!

Nile Crocodile closely resembles the alligator, but also at a lower price point than alligator. This leather will make a great dress boot! Available colors are black and brown.

American Alligator is the premier standard in classic custom boot elegance and the top-of-the-line exotic choice!  It is soft, yet durable. Choose from black, brown or tan. We can build your boot full top and bottom in alligator or bottom only alligator.

Select your leather of choice!  Upon submitting your order, we will reach out to you to confirm colors, styles, heel and toe choice.  We will also discuss your sizing and fitting preference.  No order will be started without having these discussions to finalize your order and create your custom boots!

Please allow for 6-8 weeks for your custom boots to be made.